Wednesday, March 11, 2009

my little secret to be lucky* finally back sibu ..again...~
chat with my sifu (simone)through sms, i know that she really support me, let me to think properly,let me do what im doing now, giving me lots chances,...i feel so lucky to know her as well...a very nice and kind heart person, i never meet this kinda of character...

recently happens a lot of thing, i really believe that when u're trying to think something or u want something, it will come true, when u think negatiflly, the bads will approach too, so anything just think positifly and think a lot to make what ur thinking come true lah...i suggest a book called 'SECRET' ....guess there muz be sumone reading before lo~

gona start my new plan lo..~ btw, i juz come back from kl, early morning flight becoz i forget to book the time !!!!!! argh...last night cheong k with friends sumore till 2 morning....didnt sleep at fall asleep in the taxi..muahaha..
and walk like a vampire in the hall...blurry face lol~

and when i reach home, i found that sibu ppl really sounds like thunder,, esp my so loud ..!! then i started busy sms to my friends telling them i reached home safely, and felt happy after chatting with heart feels a lot calmer...
god bless god bless... my plan now is, sit at home for one more week lah, waiting for my luggage to ship back...twelve boxes lol, i bet my mom will shock to see that...and then find a house in miri, settle as well lah, i want a whole house, cheap n nice, nice boss, n do well in what im going to do..........yes..everything will come true, c lah..miracle in my life...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


getting better, i will not let myself lay for couple days, doing nothing... so finally start to pack my stuff, just realize that i have bought too much thing in these 3 years, and there's too much 'garbage', as i can say, useless stuff..probably i will donate part of my stuff, maybe there's someone who need it~ i chat a lot in phone with my sista and dar, credit's limit..~(mum will pay that)...hope everything will be fine, cant wait to start creating my future...cheers^^


morning time~~hohoho...finally back to kl and reach my sweet room after a long long journey...really tiring arg..have a really backache but it isnt a really bad day as god sent some angels for helping me..haha, luckily saw some friends, i guess i need to mention here, lolz..thks yao n leo for a ride, oh, n leo sis, becoz of her, ah leo drove his car out,lolz..although it take a few hours to reach home, jamming pulak..but its better than waiting in a long queue for taxi ,and the lrt out of service, after reach wangsa ,straightly having dinner at feeling cafe, another tq for lily n cathy, my lovely sista for helping me to carry luggage....i miss those girls..really happy to meet them..

its 8.20 in da morning...viewing from the 18th floor of menara alpha, the scenery remains, the breezy air draws out my memory, the life in kl...3 years in kl, from the very 1st day to this moment, it seems to be like a story...a lot of memories..stay in 4 places, move 3 times..melawati, hostel, section 2 flat n the present alpha condo..i love the present one as i stay together with my dear friends from sibu la..generous n helps me a lot..haha...although sometimes having some clash, very normal... those people and friends who either helps me or hurts me,give me chances and opportunity,i appreciate experience as it makes me learn and grow
...special thks to a guy who cares me n helps me for two years, i will always remember what we've gone through...

for the hustle n bustle city life....i really hate jamming..arg, n the long queue..n the out of service escalator~
god grand me the serenity to accpet the things i canot change, the courage to change the things i can, and the wisdom to know the difference..

when a person is lost, think..think something that u still have in your hand, it wont be empty

yes, the happiest person not neccessary to have the best of everything but to make the most out of everything and everyday..

oh..there's a new journey waiting for me..lolz, i'll meet a new challenge~ need to move again, god ~~ please send me more angels... :P

here, thr's definately something n somebody i would miss ...

friendship forever, god bless~~

Monday, March 2, 2009

sien sien write blog lo~

going back kl tomoro....juz bake a carrot cake, add a bit of ground cinnamon, hmm..but the cinnamon make the cake taste weird..~~ hopes tomorrow's wheathers' fine, gona call out my sista for a drink, n chitchatting of coz la~miss my kl room, but gona rent it out better by mid of march lo.. psss...n i wonder how's my hammy pipi..

Saturday, February 28, 2009

planning 1.2.3


Friday, February 13, 2009

happy valentine


yeah..i feel better now, thanks for my family, my love one and thks god for inspiring me my way..
happy valentine to all of the couples..lovers...engagement, married, still pakto dy..grandma grandpa...for those single who have wonderful friendship~

hopes everything goes fine...

once again,happy valentine, every moment,everyday is precious for those who have love in their heart, and love never ends..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009